The field of nanotechnology has seen tremendous growth over the past decade and has had a measurable impact on all facets of our society, from electronics to medicine. Nevertheless, nanotechnology applications in the agricultural sector are still relatively underdeveloped. Nanotechnology has the potential to provide solutions for fundamental agricultural problems caused by conventional fertilizer management. Through this chapter, we aim to highlight opportunities for the intervention of nanotechnologies in the area of fertilizers and plant nutrition and to provide a snapshot of the current state of nanotechnology in this area. This chapter will explore three themes in nanotechnology implementation for fertilizers: nanofertilizer inputs, nanoscale additives that influence plant growth and health, and nanoscale coatings/host materials for fertilizers. This chapter will also explore the potential directions that nanotechnology in fertilizers may take in the next 5–10 years as well as the potential pitfalls that should be examined and avoided.

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Mastronardi, E. (Emily), Tsae, P. (Phepafatso), Zhang, X. (Xueru), Monreal, C. (Carlos), & DeRosa, M.C. (2015). Strategic role of nanotechnology in fertilizers: Potential and limitations. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-14024-7_2