The earnings and occupational task requirements of immigrants to Canada are analyzed. The growing education levels of immigrants in the 1990s have not led to a large improvement in earnings as one might expect if growing computerization and the resulting technological change was leading to a rising return to non-routine cognitive skills and a greater wage return to university education. Controlling for education, we find a pronounced cross-arrival cohort decline in earnings that coincided with cross-cohort declines in cognitive occupational task requirements and cross-cohort increases in manual occupational task requirements. The immigrant earnings outcomes had only a small effect on overall Canadian earnings inequality.

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Journal Canadian Journal of Economics
Warman, C. (Casey), & Worswick, C. (2015). Technological change, occupational tasks and declining immigrant outcomes: Implications for earnings and income inequality in Canada. Canadian Journal of Economics, 48(2), 736–772. doi:10.1111/caje.12142