For most people, decision-making involves collecting opinion and advice from others who can be trusted. Personalizing a presentation’s content with trustworthy opinions can be very effective towards persuasiveness of the content. While the persuasiveness of presentation is an important factor in face-to-face scenarios, it becomes even more important in an online course or other educational material when the “presenter” cannot interact with audience and attract and influence them. As the final layer of our personalization model, the Pyramid of Individualization, in this paper we present a conceptual model for collecting opinionative information as trustworthy support for the presentation content. We explore selecting a credible publisher (expert) for the supporting opinion as well as the right opinion that is aligned with the intended personalized content.

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Keywords Opinion mining, Personalized, Presentation, Trust
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Khataei, A. (Amirsam), & Arya, A. (2015). Trust-based individualization for persuasive presentation builder. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20916-6_39