This study examines interest groups undertaking lobbying activity focused on administrative rulemaking. The analysis utilizes a dataset composed of observations made during the 2009-2010 Wisconsin Legislative Session, including the entire population of groups lobbying during this time period. This research examines the participants, efforts, and coalitions utilized when groups engaged in lobbying activity related to rulemaking. Although scholars have examined interest group activity focused on rulemaking at the federal level, little work has focused on this behavior in the states. This study aims to further the understanding of this activity.

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Journal Journal of Public Affairs
Grasse, N.J, Curry, B. (Brett), & Heidbredrer, B. (Brianne). (2016). Organized interests and administrative rulemaking: The state of Wisconsin's lobbyists and coalitions. Journal of Public Affairs, 16(3), 255–269. doi:10.1002/pa.1585