The Actra machine is a distributed multiprocessor architecture that directly executes the Actra programming language (an extended Smalltalk). The Actra project, in general, is investigating fifth-generation industrial computer systems based on the actor or object-oriented metaphor. Actra is designed to provide an integrated multiuser object-oriented computing environment for complex man-machine systems. The authors focus on a preliminary architecture for the Actra system. The design is pragmatic in making use of readily available hardware components to support parallelism in the large as opposed to parallelism in the small. The use of 32-bit microprocessors and associated peripheral hardware facilitates the integration of C/ADA real-time modules with in an Actra workstation. The rationale for the system architecture along with the purpose and function of each component is presented.

Proceedings - COMPINT 85: Computer Aided Technologies.
Carleton University

Thomas, David A., & Lalonde, W. (1985). ACTRA - THE DESIGN OF AN INDUSTRIAL FIFTH GENERATION SMALLTALK SYSTEM. Presented at the Proceedings - COMPINT 85: Computer Aided Technologies.