To incorporate occupant behaviour in building performance simulation (BPS), researchers have developed a number of occupant behaviour and presence models based on long-term field observations. This paper describes the implementation of models from the literature for predicting occupancy and use of operable windows, blinds, lighting, and clothing for offices in the BPS tool EnergyPlus. In order to make the occupant models from the literature more widely available to researchers and practitioners, the EnergyPlus energy management system scripts are made publicly available. The paper then presents a comparison of the model predictions based on a typical office and demonstrates how differences in these models influence BPS results. In general, the window, blinds, and lighting use model predictions vary significantly from model to another. Despite these significant variations, the BPS models with different occupant behaviour model combinations provided consistent load reduction predictions in response to design changes.

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Keywords blinds use models, building performance simulation, light use models, occupant behaviour, occupant behaviour models, window use models
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Journal Journal of Building Performance Simulation
Gunay, H.B, O'Brien, W, & Beausoleil-Morrison, I. (2016). Implementation and comparison of existing occupant behaviour models in EnergyPlus. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 9(6), 567–588. doi:10.1080/19401493.2015.1102969