Several small and large firms have devised business models and strategies to use open source software (OSS) gainfully. However, despite the increasing popularity and success of some OSS, there is very little academic literature that provides clarity and guidance on developing business models with OSS. This paper contributes to the existing knowledge by critically analysing the various open source business models and then building a set of business models that encompass the current trends in this field. The models presented are supported by descriptions of organisations that have used them successfully.

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Keywords open source software, OSS, OSS business model, OSS community, OSS licences
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Journal International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences
Mukerji, B. (Bhasker), Maheshwari, B. (Bharat), Kumar, U, & Kumar, V. (2010). Open source software: emerging business models. International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, 2(4), 319–339. doi:10.1504/IJIDS.2010.037229