Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering abounds with modeling, simulation and optimization challenges that are familiar to operations researchers. Many of these problems are on a far larger scale and of much greater complexity than usual (millions of variables and constraints), so CAD researchers have of necessity developed techniques for approximation and decomposition in order to cope. The goal of this article is to bridge the gap between the two communities so that each can learn from the other. We briefly review some of the most common O.R.-related problems in CAD, and sketch some CAD techniques for handling problems of extreme scale. We also mention emerging CAD topics that are in particular need of assistance from operations researchers.

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Keywords Computer-aided design, Electrical and computer engineering, Operations research, Optimization, Simulation, VLSI
Series International Series in Operations Research and Management Science
Chinneck, J, Nakhla, M.S, & Zhang, Q.J. (2005). Computer-aided design for electrical and computer engineering. In International Series in Operations Research and Management Science.