The application of reflex optoelectronic switching matrices (ROSM) to signal processing in the gigahertz region is analyzed. Various signal processing functions such as delay generation, loop filtering, word generation/detection, integration, and digital to analog conversion are identified and their respective realizations in a ROSM are presented. It is found that for dedicated signal processing functions, simpler submatrices instead of full matrices can be employed with significant reduction in complexity and cost. The performance of ROSM’s using currently commercially available components confirms the feasibility of gigahertz signal processing with ROSM's. Copyright
Journal of Lightwave Technology
Department of Electronics

Lam, D.K.W., & Syrett, B. (1987). Gigahertz Signal Processing Using Reflex Optoelectronic Switching Matrices. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 5(3), 398–402. doi:10.1109/JLT.1987.1075512