This special issue invited scholars from a range of disciplinary and professional backgrounds to engage with the question - writ broad - of what we do with, and how we understand, that which lingers in the shadows. In this introductory paper we begin with some background to this collection, we offer a few over-arching comments concerning the theoretical, aesthetic and practical work we see it as undertaking, and we end with providing a glimpse of the papers.

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Keywords Absence, Ghosts, Grief, Haunting, Mourning, Presence, Trauma
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Journal Emotion, Space and Society
Wyatt, J. (Jonathan), Tamas, S, & Bondi, L. (Liz). (2016). Traces: An introduction to the special issue. Emotion, Space and Society, 19, 37–39. doi:10.1016/j.emospa.2016.02.005