While a tremendous amount of research has focused on the relationships between Aboriginal peoples and the natural environment, almost no attention has been paid to the importance of nature for Aboriginal people living in cities. Our exploratory research looks at the importance of nature for Aboriginal people living in Ottawa. Preliminary findings indicate that nature does play a very important role in their lives, and that reciprocal relationships with nature are practiced in a variety of ways. In addition, despite the fact that the people we spoke with tend to see the city as an artificial, human-constructed environment, various aspects of nature can be experienced in the city, something that blurs the conceptual dichotomy between these two spheres. Rather than attempting to provide definitive answers, we highlight the need for further research on the varied connections between Aboriginal people and nature in Canada's cities.

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Keywords géographie urbaine, nature, Ottawa, populations autochtones urbaines
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1111/cag.12250
Journal Canadian Geographer
Smith, J. (Jenna), Smith, D, & Sioui, M. (Miguel). (2016). Nature, cities, people: An exploration of Aboriginal perspectives. Canadian Geographer (Vol. 60, pp. 3–8). doi:10.1111/cag.12250