This article describes the progress made toward implementing Resource Description and Access (RDA) in libraries across Canada, as of Fall 2013. Differences in the training experiences in the English-speaking cataloging communities and French-speaking cataloging communities are discussed. Preliminary results of a survey of implementation in English-Canadian libraries are included as well as a summary of the support provided for French-Canadian libraries. Data analysis includes an examination of the rate of adoption in Canada by region and by sector. Challenges in RDA training delivery in a Canadian context are identified, as well as opportunities for improvement and expansion of RDA training in the future.

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Keywords Canada, Cataloging, English-speaking cataloging community, French-speaking cataloging community, RDA implementation, Resource Description and Access (RDA), Surveys, Training
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Journal Cataloging and Classification Quarterly
Cross, E, Andrews, S. (Sue), Grover, T. (Trina), Oliver, C. (Chris), & Riva, P. (Pat). (2014). In the Company of my Peers: Implementation of RDA in Canada. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 52(6-7), 747–774. doi:10.1080/01639374.2014.899535