Many scholars – including contributors to this volume – have reflected upon the relationship between mass media, popular culture, and collective memory. Barbie Zelizer has observed that while media forms from newspapers to television have ‘organized information at a point contemporaneous to the event, so too have they helped organize information at a point somewhat distant from the event.’ For George Lipsitz, the distribution of popular culture through media ‘has played an important role in creating the crisis of memory, but it has also been one of the main vehicles for the expression of loss and the projection of hopes for reconnection...

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Wagman, I. (2011). Peace, order, and good banking: Packaging history and memory in Canadian commercial advertising. In Settling and Unsettling Memories: Essays in Canadian Public History, Edited by Nicole Neatby & Peter Hodgins, University of Toronto Press, 2012 (pp. 538–566).