Reducing the energy consumption in wireless networks while maintaining the promised Long Term Evolution (LTE) high data rate has become a significant problem for network providers. To tackle these two conflicting objectives, this paper proposes to use Pico-eNBs in conjunction with a centralized switch on/off algorithm to create an adaptive radio coverage to match the radio resources to the user demand. The proposed approach relies on developing advanced centralized Self Organizing Network (SON) techniques to deploy, monitor and manage radio resources. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm for adaptive coverage has improved the average throughput from 5.9 Mbps using Macro-eNBs to 47.9 Mbps, and the power consumption was reduced.

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Conference International Conference on the Network of the Future, NOF 2015
Sabouni, R. (Rami), Hafez, R, & StHilaire, M. (Marc). (2015). A centralized algorithm for adaptive coverage in next generation cellular networks. Presented at the International Conference on the Network of the Future, NOF 2015. doi:10.1109/NOF.2015.7333290