The basis of this paper is grounded upon the theoretical assumption, which states that the integration of BitTorrent with Software-defined Networks (SDNs) will degrade the performance of BitTorrent, instead of improving it. This was further evaluated by emulating this experiment on a Ring topology to verify the results. The experimental results, however, showed an unexpected behavior wherein BitTorrent outperformed under a SDN. This objective of this paper is to re-evaluate the behavior of BitTorrent in a Mesh topology instead. We have run 12 BitTorrent clients in an emulated SDN Mesh topology using Mininet and varied the virtual topology periodically by taking one link down at a time from the topology. The experimental results show when the logical topology changed periodically the performance is worse than when the topology is static for BitTorrent.

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Keywords BitTorrent, Floodlight Controller, Mininet, Software-Defined Networks
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Conference International Conference on the Network of the Future, NOF 2015
Guraya, M.K. (Mandeep Kaur), Bajwa, R.S. (Rupinder Singh), Vicino, D. (Damian), & Lung, C.H. (2015). The assessment of BitTorrent's performance using SDN in a Mesh topology. Presented at the International Conference on the Network of the Future, NOF 2015. doi:10.1109/NOF.2015.7333294