Variations in the position and shape of the prostate make accurate setup and treatment challenging. Adaptive radiation therapy (ART) techniques seek to alter the treatment plan, at one or more points throughout the treatment course, in response to changes in patient anatomy observed between planning and pre-treatment images. This article reviews existing and developing ART techniques for prostate cancer along with an overview of supporting in-room imaging technologies. Challenges to the clinical implementation of adaptive radiotherapy are also discussed.

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Keywords Adaptive radiotherapy, Prostate cancer, Radiation therapy, Treatment plan adaptation
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Journal Physica Medica
McVicar, N. (Nevin), Popescu, I.A. (I. Antoniu), & Heath, E. (2016). Techniques for adaptive prostate radiotherapy. Physica Medica (Vol. 32, pp. 492–498). doi:10.1016/j.ejmp.2016.03.010