The Fourier-Bessel resonator state mode solver is reformulated using Maxwell's field coupled curl equations. The matrix generating expressions are greatly simplified as well as a reduction in the number of pre-computed tables making the technique simpler to implement on a desktop computer. The reformulation maintains the theoretical equivalence of the permittivity and permeability and as such structures containing both electric and magnetic properties can be examined. Computation examples are presented for a surface nanoscale axial photonic resonator and hybrid {ϵ,μ} quasi-crystal resonator.

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Keywords Cylindrical space optical resonator, Nano-photonics, Numerical mode solver, Reconfigured Fourier-Bessel technique
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Journal Optics Communications
Gauthier, R. (2016). Reformulation of the Fourier-Bessel steady state mode solver. Optics Communications, 375, 63–71. doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2016.05.006