The article problematizes dominant understandings of moral rights to territory and rejects the claim that the legitimacy of independence of the former Yugoslav republics can be grounded in the right of their peoples to self-determination, either within ethnic or then-existing administrative boundaries. Instead, the most promising normative justification for a decision to recognize Yugoslav republics as independent states follows from a particular interpretation of the all-affected interests principle in democratic theory, which leads to a radical reconceptualization of the idea of the people, "its" territory, and the legitimate role of the inter national community.

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Keywords "All-Affected" Principle, Historical pedigree, Moral right to territory, Self-determination of peoples, Sovereignty of peoples, Uti possidetis
Journal Politicka Misao
Oklopcic, Z. (2015). Whose is what, or: Territorial rights "in these lands". Politicka Misao, 52(1), 111–140.