Lately, pervasive and ubiquitous computing services have been under focus of not only the research community, but developers as well. Different devices generate different types of data with different frequencies. Emergency, healthcare, and latency sensitive services require real-time responses. Also, it is necessary to decide what type of data has to be uploaded to the cloud, without burdening the core network and the cloud. For this purpose, the cloud on the edge of the network, known as Fog or Micro Datacenter (MDC), plays an important role. Fog resides between the underlying Internet of Things (IoTs) and the mega datacenter cloud. Its purpose is to manage resources, perform data filtration, preprocessing, and security measures. To achieve this, Fog requires an effective and efficient resource management framework, which we propose in this paper. Fog has to deal with mobile nodes and IoTs, which involves objects and devices of different types having a fluctuating connectivity behavior. All such types of service customers have an unpredictable relinquish probability, since any object or device can stop using resources at any moment. In our proposed methodology for resource estimation and management through Fog computing, we take into account these factors and formulate resource management on the basis of fluctuating relinquish probability of the customer, service type, service price, and variance of the relinquish probability. With the intent of showing practical implications of our method, we implemented it on Crawdad real trace and Amazon EC2 pricing. Based on various services, differentiated through Amazon's price plans and historical record of Cloud Service Customers (CSCs), the model determines the amount of resources to be allocated. More loyal CSCs get better services, while for the contrary case, the provider reserves resources cautiously.

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Keywords Cloud of Things, Edge computing, Fog computing, IoT, Micro Datacenter (MDC), resource management
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Conference 13th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, CCNC 2016
Aazam, M. (Mohammad), St-Hilaire, M, Lung, C.H, & Lambadaris, I. (2016). PRE-Fog: IoT trace based probabilistic resource estimation at Fog. Presented at the 13th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, CCNC 2016. doi:10.1109/CCNC.2016.7444724