Can North America survive as a region in light of the political turbulence provoked by the global economic crisis? Or have regional integration and collaboration reached a plateau beyond which disintegration is likely? In North America in Question, leading analysts from Canada, the United States, and Mexico provide theoretically innovative and rich empirical reflections on current challenges sweeping the continent and on the faltering political support for North American regionalism. This collection begins by reviewing the recent trajectories and events that have undermined North America’s trilateral relationship, then addresses concerns that go beyond NAFTA and economic issues, including labour, immigration, energy, the environment, quality of citizenship, borders, women’s and civil society struggles, and democratic deficits. Although demonstrating that many informal dimensions of North American integration continue to flourish, the contributors assess whether the future will hold greater economic instability, security crises, and emerging bilateral relationships.

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Publisher University of Toronto Press
ISBN 978-1-4426-1114-6
Note Edited by Jeffrey Ayres and Laura Macdonald
Ayres, J. (Jeffrey), & Macdonald, L. (2012). North America in question: Regional integration in an era of economic turbulence. University of Toronto Press.

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