Temperature profiles in the surface layers of the ground were measured frequently over a 12-month period beginning in May 1984 at seven sites near Mayo, Yukon Territory. Permafrost is present at six of the sites. The mean annual ground temperature profile at each site displays a thermal offset, with measured mean annual tempertures in the active layer up to 1.7°C higher than in permafrost. The data indicate that equilibrium or aggrading permafrost may be present at sites where the mean annual ground surface temperature is above 0°C. -from Authors

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.14430/arctic1700
Journal Arctic
Burn, C, & Smith, C.A.S. (C. A.S.). (1988). Observations of the "thermal offset' in near-surface mean annual ground temperatures at several sites near Mayo, Yukon Territory, Canada. Arctic, 41(2), 99–104. doi:10.14430/arctic1700