Integration of nanoparticles into thin films is essential for the development of functional materials, studies of fundamental interfacial processes, and exploitation of inherent properties from the particles themselves. In this work, we systematically investigate the process of incorporation of silver nanocubes into thin polystyrene films at temperatures just above the polymer glass transition. The process of nanocrystal incorporation can be precisely monitored via far-field spectroscopy to observe the response of spatially resolved hybrid plasmon modes. Each plasmon resonance has a distinct dynamic range and maximum sensitivity forming a complementary set of nanorulers that operates over a distance comparable to the edge length of the cubes. The approach explored in this work is a general robust method for the development of long-range polychromatic nanorulers.

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Journal Nanoscale
Bottomley, A. (Adam), Prezgot, D. (Daniel), Coyle, J.P, & Ianoul, A.I. (2016). Dynamics of nanocubes embedding into polymer films investigated: Via spatially resolved plasmon modes. Nanoscale, 8(21), 11168–11176. doi:10.1039/c6nr02604d