This article examines the Canadian data collected by the Teaching, Research and International Policy project to assess the state of Canadian international relations scholarship. The focus is on the divide between the higher profile PhD programs (UBC, McGill, Toronto) and other Canadian universities that have been mentioned but not studied in previous work. The results indicate that the approaches, methods, and theoretical inclinations are less different than often averred, but that the two groups do value different scholars, journals, and presses. There is still more diversity within each side than often argued, which makes the divide itself less deep. The article concludes with some implications about the possibility of a distinctively Canadian international relations.

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Keywords academic divisions, Canadian scholarship, international relations, rankings, Survey
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Journal International Journal
Saideman, S.M. (2016). Canadian scholarship on international relations: Unified, divided or diverse?. International Journal (Vol. 71, pp. 193–213). doi:10.1177/0020702015609358