As one output of a large participatory action research project, this article presents an empirically grounded analysis of constraints and enablers to community food security (CFS) in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Our objective is to lay the groundwork for identifying strategic intrasectoral and cross-sectoral opportunities to further CFS. Theoretically, our research is informed by neo-Gramscian theories of the forces that enable sociopolitical change in the political economy of food systems and is grounded in the principles of participatory action research. The analysis is based on 41 interviews and a stakeholder gathering with people representing public sector, private sector, and civil society organizations working on food, poverty, health, agriculture, and fisheries issues in Nova Scotia.

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Keywords Community food security, food policy, participatory action research, political economy
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Journal Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition
Andrée, P, Langille, L. (Lynn), Clément, C, Williams, P. (Patricia), & Norgang, E. (Emily). (2016). Structural Constraints and Enablers to Community Food Security in Nova Scotia, Canada. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 11(4), 456–490. doi:10.1080/19320248.2016.1157547