The solvent effect on the photostability of Hg(II) dithizonate in daylight and under laser irradiation has been confirmed and benzene found to be the best solvent to use in photometric work with Hg(II) dithizonate. A 1:1 v/v mixture of benzene and carbon tetrachloride is recommended for use in the laser-induced photoacoustic spectrometric determination of Hg(II) dithizonate. A detection limit of 0.8 ng/ml has been attained, together with a linear dynamic range of 3 orders of magnitude. Coupled with a concentration factor of 50 obtained by extraction, the method shows promise for the detection of Hg(II) at the 5-pg/ml level in water.

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Journal Talanta
Chen, N. (Nailin), & Lai, E. P. (1989). Effect of photostability of mercury(II) dithizonate on photoacoustic spectroscopic determination of trace mercury. Talanta, 36(4), 479–483. doi:10.1016/0039-9140(89)80232-2