This work addresses students’ open responses on causal attributions of their self-reported affective states. We use qualitative thematic data analysis techniques to develop a coding scheme by identifying common themes in students’ self-reported attributions. We then applied this scheme to a larger set of student reports. Analysis shows that students’ reasons for reporting a certain affect do not always align with researchers’ expectations. In particular, we discovered that a sizable group of students externalize their affect, attributing perceived difficulty of the problem and their own negativity as lying outside of themselves.

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Schultz, S.E. (Sarah E.), Wixon, N. (Naomi), Allessio, D. (Danielle), Muldner, K, Burleson, W. (Winslow), Woolf, B. (Beverly), & Arroyo, I. (Ivon). (2016). Blinded by science?: Exploring affective meaning in students’ own words. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-39583-8_35