The technological enrichment of museums serves as a prime area for research on the changing role of mobile and interactive technologies, and the visualization of personal data. While previous research projects have focused on using mobile technology to act as an electronic guide, or as a means for a user to view additional information about the museum exhibits, in contrast this project takes a different approach. It seeks to develop new methods to create a personalized experience and visualize the data collected from a user’s visit as a personal narrative. MEseum, our proposed system, allows the user to plan a visit, follow that plan, and construct a presentation that they can use to reflect, communicate, and share their experiences with others. To this end, a museum guidance system and four visual narrative styles were designed, developed, and successfully tested.

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Keywords Interactive, Museum, Narrative, Navigation, Personalized, Visualization
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Arya, A, Gerroir, J. (Jesse), Mike-Ifeta, E. (Efetobore), Navarro-Newball, A.A. (Andres Adolfo), & Prakash, E. (Edmund). (2016). MEseum: Personalized experience with narrative visualization for museum visitors. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-39513-5_17