This study investigates the role of strategic performance measures (SPM) in strategic decision-making and their impact on organizational performance. Based on 143 online survey responses from senior administrators across Canadian public organizations, the study found that SPM of efficiency and effectiveness are positively associated with performance, as well as, the former with both strategy implementation and strategy assessment decisions. The study extends prior research by linking both SPM and their use in strategic decision-making to organizational performance.

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Keywords Canadian public sector, Organizational performance, strategic performance measures (SPM), strategy assessment, strategy implementation
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Journal Public Management Review
Pollanen, R, Abdel-Maksoud, A. (Ahmed), Elbanna, S. (Said), & Mahama, H. (Habib). (2017). Relationships between strategic performance measures, strategic decision-making, and organizational performance: empirical evidence from Canadian public organizations. Public Management Review, 19(5), 725–746. doi:10.1080/14719037.2016.1203013